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The slides, R code, and the images I used in the IOT class

Please install R and R-Studio before you try Google Vision APIs.

Calling Googlevision APIs using R Language

Click here for the slides I used in the class

Click here for Key IOT Networks comparison

The Nginx demo video

Here is the code I used in R to demonstrate Google Vision APIs. Remember to install R, R studio, and other libraries first.

# library(rjson) # to get credentials for Google Cloud Console

creds = fromJSON(file=’C:/Downloads/credentials.json’) # Retrieve Credentials file from cloud console
options(“googleAuthR.client_id” = creds$installed$client_id)
options(“googleAuthR.client_secret” = creds$installed$client_secret)
options(“googleAuthR.scopes.selected” = c(“”))


imagePath <- “C:/Downloads/Taj.jpg”
imagePaths = imagePath,
# feature = “FACE_DETECTION”,
maxNumResults = 7

imagePath <- “C:/Downloads/CarsAndDog.jpg”

imagePaths = imagePath,
# feature = “LABEL_DETECTION”,
maxNumResults = 10


Fintech, Machine Learning, R programming, Tech

IIM Fintech Lecture – Indian Institute of Management – Bangalore

In this course I plan to cover items 1 through 5. I’m flexible with the level of participation from students in programming exercises in step 5 (ML). Depending on backgrounds and goals, students may choose not to program (why learn programming if you can hire a developer for 10$/Hr?) or actively program in R and/or Python.

0) How much ‘Fin’ and how much ‘Tech’?

1) How banks’ reluctance to innovate/adopt led to Fintech. Banks! You can’t bank on them.

2) The ultra-personalisation of financial services through technology – the driver behind Fintech

3) Case Studies – Peer-to-peer lending, Crypto-currencies, Robo-advisers, online-only digital banks

4) My Money Karma

5) Machine Learning using R (or Python)

Ram Subramaniam Stanford